Our Services

  Oil inspection

It includes inspection of crude oil and gas equipment, oil derivatives, and equipment used in the production and storage of oil and gas, and includes the following:

  • Oil, gas and petrochemical shipments before, after and during shipment.
  • Oil tankers before loading and during loading and unloading.
  •   Sampling from the tanker prior to discharging.
  •    Oil and gas refining industry before and after industrialization.
  • Production equipment and spare parts used in oil fields Drilling equipment and materials used in drilling.
  • Laboratory equipment and devices.
  •   Oil and gas pipelines, valves and tanks, including: during construction, installation, commissioning, and compliance with specifications.
  •   Power plants, boilers, desalination units, and follow-up maintenance work with the implementation contractors.
  •   Stores.

  Inspection for welding and welders qualification

  • Weld Inspection (X-ray)
  • Issuance of Welders Insurance Certificates (PQR / WQC)
  • Welding Procedure Specification (WPS)


It is carried out by highly experienced specialized engineers according to (ANS / ASME) international standards: -

  • Radiological inspection (X-ray).
  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT).
  • Eddy Current (EC).
  • Magnetic Particle (MPI).
  • Liquid penetration. (Die Penetrate t).