Our Services

  Medical inspection

  • Medicines and medical supplies and equipment.
  • Factor analysis triggers.
  • Dental and x-ray equipment.
  • Veterinary medicines and pet health supplies

  Food inspection

  • It includes all agricultural products, grains, foodstuffs, and foods. The inspection shall be in terms of health and technology before the shipment process, whether during production or after production.
  • Inspection of packaging operations.
  •   Taking random samples of the shipment and performing physical and chemical analyzes on it.
  •   Examination of the means of transport (ships, etc.) to ensure that they are free of insects, diseases, and official documents before shipping.
  • Documentary inspection of the origin of the commodities and ensure their source and compliance with the contracted specifications.

  Industrial inspection (materials)

  • Machinery and equipment, factories, desalination plants, electric power plants.
  • All kinds of electrical and electronic materials.
  • Communication systems.
  • Building materials.