About Us

best Ly one  of the world's leading companies in the field of inspection, conformity and testing, through a team of experts, specialized in this field, to inspect and conform according to standard and high-quality standards in several areas, including the inspection of food, medicines, medical equipment, general and raw materials, as well as in the field of aviation, technology and other Through more than one office and laboratory in different countries of the world


The cornerstone of every activity that is done to be essential and comprehensive to adhere to the rules, laws and regulations in force in the countries in which we work to embody accuracy and preference in everything we do.


We aim to be the most competitive and highest productive service company in the world, and to continuously improve our core competencies in the fields of examination, conformity and authentication so that we are the best in our field.


We add value to society in the long run, we use our standards and our expertise to enable a more sustainable future and ensure that we reduce our impact on the environment to be an emulated company.

Our Services

Chemical Tests

Mechanical Tests

Lifting gear inspection department


Inspection for welding and welders qualification

Oil inspection